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APA is an abbreviation for American Psychological Association and this association came up with a writing style known as APA writing style. This writing style is used when writing several types of writing assignments and academic papers for instance research papers, essays and even term papers. The writing style has several guidelines that must be followed when writing and this article will examine some of the commonly used guidelines. The first step that one has to keep in mind when writing an APA style paper is composition of the title page. This is the very first page of an academic paper and has the student's details including the name, institution and the instructor's name. It may also include the date of submission.

The title page is followed by the introduction part that introduces the topic of the paper and may contain a thesis statement at the end of the paragraph. Some APA style papers also contain an abstract that gives background information on the academic paper subject. The introduction is followed by the body that consists of several paragraphs that expound on the paper subject by giving facts and evidence. The other important feature of APA style papers is page numbers that are inserted at the top right hand corner of an academic paper. The body of an APA sample consists of several paragraphs that are dependent on the length of the sample or paper.

A long APA style paper will have several paragraphs while a short APA sample has a less number of paragraphs.

Students are required to write APA style papers on several accessions and most of these APA style papers account for the final score scored by students. Teachers expect so much from students with regard to writing APA style papers and also allocate them a minimum time period. These students often wonder where they can turn to so that they can obtain help in writing APA style papers. The best solution is to look for a reliable custom writing company.

that provides all types of custom papers for sale. There are several qualities or features associated with a reliable custom writing company that can provide quality custom APA style papers and some of these qualities will be discussed in details in this article. First of all, it is essential for a custom writing company to have superior quality custom APA style papers. These papers should be written by experience and dedicated writers who have the expertise to write papers using any form of writing style including APA writing style.

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Travel Tips :: A modern classic

Simultaneously modest, elegant and slightly provocative, the yem silk bodice has been a staple and a symbol of Vietnamese women for centuries.

The yem (breast cloth) id perhaps the most typical item of Vietnamese women's clothing.

A diamond or square-cut piece of cloth placed diagonally on a woman's chest, form or in a V form, it has been worn for centuries by women of all classes.

Traditionally worn under a blouse or overcoat, the yem is on one hand is a symbol of modesty. As one17 century observer, the Italian priest Cristoforo Borri remarked of Vietnamese women:"clothes they wear could be probably the most covert in Southeast Asia."

On the other hand, great pride and care was taken in the beauty and design of the yem. As Vietnam became one of the finest producers of silk in the world, much attention was given to the bodice, which was made in many colors Procurement for different occasions and for different social Design Engineer strata.

All around ancient Thang Long City (now Hanoi), fabric weaving from traditional craft villages of Nghi Tam, Dau and Thuy Ai developed to exquisite heights. By the 18th Century, Vietnam made some of the finest silk in the world, such as van tu quy (silk cloth with woven design of the four seasons), or van hong diep (pink silk brocade).

These beautiful silks could be found in the markets of Thang Long, available to women of all classes. In his 1732 book entitled "Vuong Quoc Dang Ngoai" (The Kingdom of north Vietnam), writer S. Baron noted:"The technique of weaving silk cloth has developed here to such a degree the rich and the poor can Degree Construction all wear silk clothes"

Modest and beautiful, the simple yem in many ways symbolizes the traditional virtues of Vietnamese women. The 17th century priest Borri was struck by their manner, calling them "broad-minded and carefree," with "a gentle temperament."

The traditional yem can still be found in the countryside, worn by girls in traditional festivals, such the Love Duets Festival of Bac Ninh. But as times changed, so did fashions.

In the early 20th Century as the modern ao dai (the long split tunic typically worn by Vietnamese women) appeared, it became difficult to wear yem underneath and Vietnamese began wearing western brassieres instead.

However, the yem hasn't gone away, it's just changed forms. The traditional yem has been stylized as a part of the modern ao dai. Instead of a high collar, some ao dai have a yem-like top, with two strings tired together at the nape revealing the bare shoulder.

And modern Vietnamese girls have adopted a stylized and even more revealing yem to wear with jeans, much like a halter top, with a fully exposed back.

But whatever variations exist, the hidden charm of the yem worn by Vietnamese women of old remains to help modern Vietnamese women look as elegant and graceful as ever.


Three Lawyers from Baron & Budd Selected to The Best Lawyers in America© 2016 List

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Baron & Budd attorneys Russell Budd, Scott Summy and Roland Tellis have been selected to the prestigious Best Lawyers in America 2016 list.

A highly respected publication, Best Lawyers compiles a list of the nations most accomplished lawyers through confidential peer surveys. For the latest list, approximately 55,000 attorneys cast 6.7 million votes on the legal abilities of fellow lawyers. No firms are allowed to pay for their attorneys to be included on the list, so inclusion is an extremely important achievement.

We are truly proud to once again be included on this very prestigious list, said Russell Budd, president and managing shareholder of the national law firm of Baron & Budd. This is an especially gratifying honor because it reflects the respect that other extremely accomplished attorneys around the nation have for the work we do.

Budd was selected by Best Lawyers in the areas of mass tort litigation/class actions plaintiffs and personal injury litigation plaintiffs. He has spent more than three decades working to protect the rights of plaintiffs who have been harmed due to corporate malfeasance. small claims attorneys shareholder in the national law firm of Baron & Budd since 1985 and managing shareholder since 2002, Budd and his firm have earned a great deal of notoriety during his career. The National Law Journal named Baron & Budd to its prestigious Plaintiffs Hot List eight times and Budd has been nominated for the Public Justice Trial Lawyers of the Year Award four times in the past eight years. Budd was also selected by Best Lawyers as a 2016 Lawyer of the Year.

Baron & Budd shareholder Scott Summy was also selected to the list in the area of mass tort litigation/class actions plaintiffs. This is the 10th year in a row Summy has been so honored. Colorado’s award-winning auto accident and personal injury law firm, providing the highest caliber representation with a proven track record of getting results. Our leading Denver personal injury attorneys will move mountains to get you the results you deserve. We are dedicated to our clients and have helped thousands of people throughout Colorado, recovering millions of dollars, and always offering 100% free consultations. Call us today to find out how we can help!Summys practice is focused on water contamination cases and those efforts have yielded over a billion dollars in recoveries for his clients. Summy was one of the first attorneys in the United States to take action against the chemical company Monsanto for its role in contaminating schools with dangerous PCBs. Summy was also selected by Best Lawyers as a 2016 Lawyer of the Year and has twice been nominated for the Public Justice Trial Lawyers of the Year Award.

Roland Tellis, who co-manages of Baron & Budds Los Angeles office, was named to the Best Lawyers in America 2016 list in the area of commercial litigation. Tellis focuses in the areas of consumer class actions, automotive defect litigation, commercial litigation, consumer financial fraud and deceptive advertising. He was recently named as a member of the plaintiffs steering committee in the Takata defective airbag MDL the largest consumer product recall case in U.S. history and was also appointed co-lead counsel in automotive defect litigation involving tens of millions of vehicles. He has also achieved multi-million dollar class action settlements for consumers in several deceptive advertising cases.

Please send an email to info@baronbudd.com or call 1.866.700.8994 if you would like to learn lawsuits about the national law firm of Baron & Budd.


The law firm of Baron & Budd, P.C., with offices in Dallas, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Austin and Los Angeles, is a nationally recognized law firm with a nearly 40-year history of "Protecting What's Right" for people, communities and businesses harmed by negligence. Baron & Budd's size and resources enable the firm to take on large and complex cases. The firm represents individuals lawsuit damages government and business entities in areas as diverse as dangerous pharmaceuticals and medical devices, environmental contamination, the Gulf oil spill, financial fraud, overtime violations, deceptive advertising, automotive defects, trucking accidents, nursing home abuse, and asbestos-related illnesses such as mesothelioma.



Josh Duggar Facing Criminal Charges For Molesting? Criminal Defense Attorneys Talk

HollywoodLife.com talked to criminal defense attorneys in the Duggars hometown in Arkansas and they EXCLUSIVELY revealed what trouble Josh could get into for allegedly molesting minorsas a teen. Plus, they discuss Jim Bobs involvement, or lack thereof.

Josh Duggar, 27, was the subject of a police investigationin 2006, when he was accused of forcibly fondling five different girls, some of whom are his sisters, as a teen. The 19 Kids and Counting star was never prosecuted, but now that the investigation has been brought to light, we couldnt help but wonder if hell face criminal charges. Jim Bob Duggaralsowaited crime and penalty than a year after his sonconfessed to sexually molesting the five minors before contacting police, so we found out if he could now be prosecuted as well. Heres what we know!

Josh Duggar Facing Criminal Charges For Molesting? Criminal Defense Attorneys Talk

Q: Could Josh and Jim Bob be prosecuted now or has the statute oflimitations expired?

A: It is likely that the statute of limitations have expired forany offenses that might have been committed. The allegations againstJosh would most likely have been prosecuted as sexual assault in thesecond degree (A.C.A. section 5-14-125), defined as sexual conductwith a person less than fourteen years old by a person who is underthe age of eighteen. This is a class B felony. The statute oflimitations for a class B felony is three years. Our Team of Legal Experts Focus on Your Rights & Trying to Dismiss Your Charges Why Us; Years of Proven Experience, Aggressive constitution for the united states proactive approach, High degree of skill, experience, and understanding, Top-quality legal advice and representation, Protect Your Rights, Negotiate Strong Plea Bargains, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.The statute oflimitations is extended if the offense is committed against a minor.In that case, the three years does not begin until the victim turnseighteen. However, this exception only applies if the offense was notpreviously reported to a law enforcement agency. From what we know,these alleged offenses occurred thirteen years ago and were reportedat least twelve years ago,Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Files tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Take Our PollJosh Duggar Sex Scandal: 19 Kids & Counting Fans Furious, Want Show Cancelled

Q: What, if any, criminal charges can either manface?

A: At this point, it does not appear that either man should be facing anycriminal charge, based on the statute of limitations. It is possiblethat neither was subject to criminal prosecution at the time. Nothingin the facts as reported would indicate that Joshs father was amandatory reporter, meaning that he was under no legal obligation toreport a suspected crime, Jason says.

Q: Would these victimsneed to now come forward to police again to builda case against Josh and/or his father?

A: It appears that these allegations were reported and investigated in2006. Reporting the same allegations at this time would not likelyhave any effect. If there were other cases involving minors that werenot reported previously, they could potentially fall into theexception to the statute of limitations, Jason says.

Josh Duggar Reacts Child Molestation Accusations Duggars Release Statements

Q:Is Joshon thesexual offenderregistry?

A: Nothing I have seen indicates that Josh was ever convicted of anycrime, so he should not be on the sex offender registry, Jason says.

Josh Duggar is not considered a sexual offender, unless he was convicted in a court of law of a sexual crime as an adult,Arkansas lawyer Jeffrey M. Rosenzweig also toldHollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY.

Q: Is Jim Bobliable for not bringing this to the attention of police soon enough?

A: Generally speaking, there is no duty to report suspected crimes, Jason says.

Jim Bob Duggar did not commit a crime because of withholding information about his sons sexual misconduct. There is no general requirement to report a crime unless youre a mandatory reporter, meaning by law you have to report a crime due to your profession such as a teacher, a doctor, a nurse,Jeffrey M. Rosenzweig adds.

Josh Duggar Molestation Documents To Be Destroyed: Victim Wants Identity Protected

Q: If Jim Bobbrought it to the church, and those ministers didnt say aword, could charges be brought against them?

A: Only persons designated as mandatory reporters are under a legalobligation to report suspected abuse of a child. Clergy are mandatoryreporters and do have a legal duty to report suspected childmaltreatment. Failure to do so would be a misdemeanor criminaloffense. There are two exceptions for clergy they are not requiredto report if their knowledge comes from communications required to bekept confidential pursuant to to their religious discipline, or if itis received from the offender in the context of criminal law cases admission. Thestatute of limitations for misdemeanors is one year, so any potentialcriminal prosecution is likely time-barred, Jason says.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Should Josh and Jim Bob get in trouble for what they did? Should 19 Kids and Counting get cancelled? Tell us how you feel.

Chris Rogers, Reporting by Eric Ray & Sandra Clark

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Boston attorney pleads not guilty to drunken boating after woman loses arm

A Boston lawyer who defends people charged with drunken driving pleaded not guilty Monday to operating a boat while drunk, following an incident in which a woman lost her arm.

Benjamin Urbelis was held on $75,000 bail and ordered to surrender his passport at his arraignment Monday.

Police and the Coast Guard allege the 33-year-old Urbelis was drunk while operating his 29-foot boat Naut Guilty on Saturday night in Boston Harbor.

A woman on board jumped into the water to retrieve something that fell overboard, vegas attorney her arm became caught in the boat's propeller.Her arm was severed below the shoulder and she suffered other injuries, MyFoxBoston.com reported.

The woman, 19, was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital, where she is recovering.

According to MyFoxBoston.com, Urbelis refused to take breathalyzer and field sobriety tests, but based on police officers' observations of him, he was charged with operating under the influence.

Urbelis' lawyer says his client is attorney association accomplished professional and not a flight risk.

Officials say 13 people were on las vegas workers compensation boat. To receive help from a Dallas car wreck lawyer, a Dallas medical malpractice attorney, lawyer for accidents Dallas construction accident attorney, a Dallas product negligence claim lawyer, or any other type of personal injury in the Dallas / North Texas area, please contact us today by calling (214) 651-4288.Firefighters searched, but failed to find the woman's arm.

Urbelis is a co-owner of Julep Bar in Boston, MyFoxBoston.com reported.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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